The Launch, 0.0.1 and 0.0.2 !

Hey everyone! I haven’t posted a blog post in awhile so here it is. We’re going to talk about how the launch went and what problems we got into while trying to release the game, about the first and the current version of the game.

The Launch

Our team learned alot from this release. It’s our first game released to the public and we’ve experienced the struggle with the server, all the bug reports and the full time testing while trying to develop new content for the players.

First of all, Arcwyre would’ve launched in March 15 and we are sorry it came so late. While we prepared everything for the launch, Microsoft decided to troll us and close one of our Microsoft Accounts on March 15, where the US server was settled. So we had to use another account, where the EU server should’ve been hosted.

The lesson here is that we needed a second plan all the time and should’ve managed these risks before the ‘disaster’ happened. At last, in March 20, the Arcwyre US server was up and in 24 hours, we got over 100 registered characters, which is amazing! Thank you all for the support!


The first version of the game was pretty good, considering it had less complaints, than we expected. The gameplay was smooth for most players, altough most of us experienced lag and lag spikes. A lot of NPC’s had to be rebalanced, as well as the Sentinel class and some spells.

We got over 15 minor (mostly graphical) bugs fixed and were ready to take the next step.


With this version, we are promising a more smooth gameplay, new items and features like the brand new bags, in which you can store the loot you just got!

Here are the patch notes in a nutshell :

  • More weapons and armor are available to craft at the Almdale Smith.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs that resulted in client crashes.
  • Sentinel Tutorial glitch is fixed.
  • “Ezre Cultist” now has 24 Ability Power down from 32. “Ezre Cultist” can no longer cast “Collapse”.
  • More resources now drop from monsters as well as new ores and trees.
  • Overall stability fixes.
  • Lost of minor bugs here and there.

If you got Arcwyre 0.0.1, a new download is required in order to play the game! It’s because we replaced the Updater, because the old one was buggy. We hope it shouldn’t be the case in the future.


New Arcwyre Feature – The Arcwyre Wiki

With Arcwyre having more and more content, we would like to store all the information in one place. Having a Wiki for our game can be useful for both the developers and the players. Any information needed, can be quickly searched on the Wiki.


You can access the official Arcwyre Wiki on the following link :


The Wiki is still under heavy development and is put in a lower priority queue, as the game hasn’t reached beta yet. The wiki will be updated weekly with new content, but don’t expect it to be very useful until after the beta is released.

Arcwyre Beta Patch Notes 1

Latest arcwyre beta patch notes.

At last I’ve got enough work done, so I can write another blog post. I’m sorry for the low amount of work I’ve put in lately, but it is finals month, so I’ve got a lot to learn for the university. Anyway, let’s see what I’ve done in the meantime.


Patch Notes 1 – Arcwyre Beta

Arcwyre World Enhancement

New animals have been added to the game, both domestic and wild. In Almdale, you can find the following animals wandering around the town :

  • Butterfly
  • Terrier
  • Bichon
  • Forest Cat
  • Mouse
  • Goat
  • Sheep
  • Ram
  • Black Sheep
  • Cow
  • Cow
  • Cow

These animals won’t attack you, but killing them grants some extra items that may be useful in crafting.

The story changes when you walk outside Almdale, where wild animals now wait you to get close enough. Don’t come too close to them, if you aren’t strong enough, because they are dangerous!

These animals have been added to the game :

  • Dire Bat
  • Wild Boar
  • Worg
  • Panther
  • Grizzly Bear

Also, we implemented new plants that you can cut and use in crafting recipes. We’ve added these new resources to the wildlife flora :

  • Dover – Very common
  • Yender – Common
  • Toltax – Rare
  • Xite – Rare
  • Aezum – Epic
  • Blood Fluxroot – Legendary
  • Royal Ambrosia – Legendary

You should take your time searching for these, because some of them are very expensive and they all help you build powerful potions, food and drinks.

Note : We build the game with the mindset, that crafted items are more expensive than gathered items.


We have implemented a new combat quest :

Too many worgs!

This is a side quest and requires you to lower the population of the worgs outside Almdale, because they represent a danger to the people living in the city. You can start the quest in the Almdale Lounge.


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