Arcwyre Beta Development Blog – First Post

Hello everybody, welcome to my very first development blog post. Here, you can read about all the changes the development team is making in-game. From balancing to mapping, we’ve got it all covered for you. So without further ado, let’s jump straight into action!

The following content have now been implemented :

Patch Notes

Firstly, we’ve increased the maximum level the player is able to reach.

Max Level : 15 -> 20


  • The East Highroad has been expanded, now including a mountain area and a lake. Both of these areas are full of expensive resources you can mine, cut down or fish.


  • The Black Vaults of Sorrows are now nearly ready to explore. The whole dungeon has been remapped. Here is a sneak peak :



  • Three more side quests have been added to game. They consist both in combat and gathering.


  • The end-game tier has been designed and added to the game. All three classes have their unique armor set.
  • We’ve added all the resources available in the East Highroad. (Tree logs, ores and fish)
  • Misc items have been added too. (Quest items and more)



We didn’t talk about the classes so much in the past, so now that we redeveloped them for a better experience, it’s time to talk a little bit about all three of them. Every class can learn 5 unique spells for now. We’re planning on adding more, but we’ll talk about that in the future Development Thoughts.

Note : The main idea / concept of each class remained unchanged from the alpha version.

  • The Sentinel will be your tanky support. He can tank tons of damage and also heal himself and his allies. We’ve also added some crowd control to him, to make it easier to defeat enemies.
  • The Arcanist is your main damage dealer and AoE crowd controller. He is able to deal massive damage to multiple targets if not stopped in time. His low defense balances his high damage potential.
  • The Ravager is a combination between a thief and a assassin. He mostly focuses one target but he makes sure that his target is doomed. He has the ability to vanish into the surroundings, apply damage over time and snare his target.

More into classes in the next Development Thoughts.

What’s next?

We still have to make massive progress to be able to release the beta version, but we hope that in the first half of 2017, we will be able to put it out there for you. Beta registration will be available on the main website, which is in development.

We are working on adding more to what’s already here right now. More side quests, more monsters, more content. We also want to make the world feel more alive by implementing wildlife, collectible plants and more entities around Almdale, every and each one of them with his / her unique story.

BVoS (The Black Vaults of Sorrows) are nearly ready to be explored. Monsters are needed and the boss is being designed. More mechanics like traps, locked doors and hidden features are under development.

Art Work / References


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